Made from natural ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible all our products are designed to produce no harm to self and the earth.  
Our constant efforts are to reduce environmental impact which enables us to restore the lost glory of our planet.

Chemical free

Natural Toothpaste

A non-foaming mineral rich Coconut oil based toothpaste which can help boost the microbiome in your gut (remember, the gut begins in the mouth!) and naturally prevent candida in the mouth. 

Araku Valley
Filter Coffee

Try Gandhi's Coffee's Filter coffee

handpicked and produced by the tribes

of Northern AndraPradesh 

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Abhishek Vedpathak

It’s unique. The tooth-pastes smells so well, you can’t help but try them out. It’s a great initiative backed-up with an equally good product.

Meenal Brahamane

Bathing bar is refreshing and natural with no chemical. I liked natural refreshing fragrance and perfect way to start the day or end the day.

Toothpaste: we were not use to fully natural toothpaste so it took time to develop the liking. We Can feel the difference in gums and teeth now difficult to use any other toothpaste.
Charcoal is my favourite.

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Timmy Verghese

After using the re-earth products, I don't think I'll go back to using a normal toothpaste or soap (these are the two I've used). Also knowing that there's such an endearing philosophy behind the brand makes it even better.

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