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  • ReEarth Natural Toothpase is tremendously effective in cleaning your teeth and strengthening your gums. Each ingredient is carefully selected to serve unique function.


    Clove oil  in toothpaste contains the active ingredient eugenol, which is a natural anesthetic. It helps numb and reduce pain to ease a toothache.


    Virgin organic Coconut oil that is anti-bacterial in nature is used as a base ingredient. Studies also suggests Using coconut oil as a mouthwash to significantly reduce the number of harmful bacteria, such as S. mutans, in your mouth.


    Xylitol gives it the sweetness and Arrowroot and Chalk aids in making gums stronger.

    Baking Soda gives the paste the necessary abrasion to clean the tooth surface. Coconut oil and essentials oils are anti-bacterial in nature.


    Premium quality of Essential oils are used to not just give you the burst of flavour we all are accustomed to in the morning but will also freshen up the breath.

    Brushing with ReEarth paste is a unique experience as it is free of all chemicals and toxins.

    No SLS means no foaming. And no Fluoride means no Fluorosis. 


    The paste is good to you and wouldn't pollute our loving nature.

    Clove Tooth Paste

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