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Spirituality x Sustainability

We got separated from fungus around 650 million years ago and evolved into this multicellular organism that we are today, said Paul Stamets, an American Mycologist.

We also share 90%+ DNA with apes and around 40%+ DNA with the plant life. Thats right the plant life. Having gathered this knowledge, its quite evident that all life on this planet evolved from the same origin. Which also strongly suggest that we are nature and nature flows through us.

The reason I emphasized on the above part was to get Humans (us) to hold no doubt that we are separable from nature. It exists within and around us. Our food source is nature, our breath is nature, our water is nature and the space we inhabit, however enclosed it might be, yet its on and engulfed by nature. Yet all our intelligence is to try and segment our species (humans) away from nature and posses a belief that we are above it.

Atheist or believers, one thing we can’t deny, that is, our roots and our entire existence is made possible through the functions of Nature. Yet most will try to surpass a visible God (provider) and worship the one that we think made the entire eco-system.

Pagans, who worshiped the elements of nature as god were looked down upon to imagine some one in the open space as the ultimate super power. And whilst doing so, carry on all atrocities on the visible god.

No matter which belief system we are in, or even in the absence of it, how is it that we humans aren’t able to see who the real super power is?

Studying Paul’s work, which has effectively showcased how fungus, bacteria, trees, mammals, birds, insects are all connected to each other, finishing off each others duties to make the cycle of life. If any of these elements seizes to work, it effectively has the potential to wipe off the life on this planet as we know.

Like all living organism, we too become soil eventually and rise out of it. If our body is left to the elements, we would be consumed by creatures big and small and eventually become soil. Our Multi-cellular body would be broken into trillions of cells again, who would follow the course of life becoming each element of nature, living as different beings. A fungus, a bacteria, a tree, a tiger, a whale. This body would become all of these and maybe a human back again. Isnt that what re-incarnation is? To realize this fact called flow of life, we dont need to set an unimaginable belief, but just observation. The answer is all around us.

"Life is Wild and Wild is Life"

Am assuming that most of us wouldn’t have given much thought to this concept and which is why we continue to lead our lives the way we do. Our consumption which is a relentless war on the elements of nature, might just be due to ignorance. I assume that we do the things we do unknowingly. Yes its a stark contrast from being an all-knowledgable Human specie that we are.

Development a positive word, has been "evilized" by the consumerist structure of ours. We are no longer connected and all attempts are made to further break any ties that we or any other human might have with Life.

One thing that any religious or spiritual text teach us is that gods do not like in-subordination. And our God is a visible one. It has you as a part of itself too.

Be a part, not Apart.

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