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Is richness only measured in Money?

In my opinion, money makes you poor and not rich.

Ok let's ask one question to ourselves, "How much money would you want to make before you stop making any more of it?"

a) 10 lakhs

b) 1 crores

c) 10 crores

d) 100 crores

e) 1000 crores

I do have an answer for the above question (my opinion), but lets not get there straight. First let's understand what money system is.

"money, a commodity accepted by general consent as a medium of economic exchange. It is the medium in which prices and values are expressed; as currency, it circulates anonymously from person to person and country to country, thus facilitating trade, and it is the principal measure of wealth." (

Money in today's date is a promise. A promise that you shall be able to receive certain value of products in exchange for what you have which has been stipulated by the governing bodies of the nation you stay in.

For example, today one litre of milk can be fetched for 100 rupees (hypothetically), which means if you have 10 lakhs in your account, you can purchase 10 thousand litres of milk. But what if, the government increases tax on it to make it 1000 rupees a litre (hypothetically), then you would only be able to purchase 1 thousand litres of milk.

So the promise only lives until the one's you have promised with stand their end of promise. Am not saying that the governments would change the prices overnight, but they can modify it as per what they deem fit. Zimbabwe had a meltdown, when their currency depleted value overnight in the 21st century and so did Argentina.

To assign richness to the amount of money one hoard's seems a bit uni-dimensional. If money is the only way to measure someone's richness then would a lottery winner be considered rich. And for how long? Would the person be still rich if his money is stolen or banks take back what is being owed?

So after all the years of learning, experiencing, living, we assign and attribute all our aspiration to something that is so volatile?

Instead, what if, we started measuring success in knowledge, life skills, sustainability, living naturally, you know the matrices which lead to the gift of life continuing unhindered on this planet. Where we keep living in harmony with the planet, wherein we are in tune with the regulations set by the planet?

After all, isn't life the most precious gift we regard. Yet we myopically keep saving the life that we see is important to us, but not life as a whole. If we did that instead, we wouldn't be at the edge of complete collapse of the climate systems.

In this regard, every insect, every microscopic life, every tree, every fish is to be considered "rich", every tribal human living in harmony with them is to be considered rich. Richness is not in hoarding a piece of paper or now in digitized currencies, but in letting instinct override intelligence. As instinct is valued more than intelligence, more about this in my next blog. (i can see how this becomes controversial)

Ok, before i lose you, i mentioned that i have an answer, or my opinion regarding the question i asked above.

So, whatever your answer is, whether its 10 lakhs or 1000 crores, the amount you seek is the amount of money you would be poor by. The lesser you seek the richer you are.


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