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How to become a real life “Hero”

If this life of your’s was a movie, who would get the lead role?

Is this the story of 'you'?

If not, why isn’t it. Who else would it be about. If it’s about someone else, who is writing that part? And if you aren’t writing it or directing it, is this even your life’s movie? If you did write it and direct it, who’s better than you to play the part? Whats stopping you?

If you bravely answered the question, as yes, I am the hero (male/female), then are you doing the heroic acts constantly?

What are constant Heroic Acts?

It can’t be a tale about the one time you achieved to do something for someone which resulted in a saved day.

It can’t be of how you assume you would save the world from a Villain.

Then what can be considered to be Heroic Acts?

Remember, when Spider Man was told that “With great power, comes great responsibility”

Let’s dwell on that for a minute, what is this great power? What if you don’t feel that you have it?

If you feel you don’t, then you are definitely mistaken.

Every day, you have been making choices. And so far if you aren’t a sociopath, you have been saving countless human lives with your everyday actions. If you drive, you haven’t yet run over someone purposely. If you are writer, then am assuming, you haven’t written 10 ways to kill someone. If you are a housewife, I hope you haven’t let your inner-voice take over on the bad days.

In short, you aren’t the bad guy in your story. Aren’t these your powers, at least some of them that can be recognized easily.

But are you all encompassing good?

Are you the Hero that you would like to see a movie about? Or have you committed non-substantial crimes which only when hidden makes you a Hero?

As a hero would have it, he/she is considered as a savior of lives. And not just human lives, are you saving 'lives'. As in, are you increasing natural abundance around the world? Are you making this world a better place?

A better place, as understood under this context, is this world wherein un-intentional deaths are avoided. Or to put it differently, there is only passage of life from one form to another.

For example,

Plant absorbs light

Plants eaten by rabbit

Rabbit eaten by a wild cat

Wild cat eaten by vultures

Vultures decomposed to bacteria

And bacteria’s helping to grow a plant.

In all of the above, life has not been passed in vain due to negligence. We aren’t accounting the accidental deaths, which might skip a few steps but would turn regenerative again.

Or are you a simpleton in your movie, who accidentally pollutes the world that you yourself inhabit and wait for a Hero to come and rescue you away.

Well there’s no Hero outside and there is no place called away.

It was never a choice, and it will never be easy without initiation.

It’s ultimately about your existential purpose, and with that you become your own Hero!!

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