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Flatten that destruction curve

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Respect to all the eco-warriors out there trying to make a difference.

We are long way from flattening the human destructive curve, with the business and governance policies it might even look like an impossible dream to hold, yet it doesn't deter many from doing what is right.

Amongst many such initiatives, participated in an another plantation drive this year, our second, where we planted native bamboo saplings to contribute our way towards a human made forest at jawhar.

A true celebration of Independance day, where we tried to strengthen our nature's right to freedom from the onslaught of human devastation.

This year's objective set by is to plant around 2k native trees so as to welcome back an ecosystem that propels further dense growth of forest.

If you are interested in leaving your mark, get in touch with Treestories and help them with your 'Shramdaan'

Soon we shall announce another such drive.

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