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Sustainable living on your mind?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Sustainable living can not be envisioned without sustainable homes. But do mud homes last as long as the cement counterparts? Let's reveal a few facts that can have you bowled over.

Cement industry is the worlds 4th largest polluting industry. Polluting land, air and water, it has long term repercussions. Cement itself is a new synthetic material that humans have invented. Its adaptation was mass scale even without understanding its long term impact. Again humans proved themselves how myopic their vision of the world is. Trying to solve immediate issues, but in a way generating long term problems for all future generations.

Whereas we have had buildings/structures/palaces/homes made up of natural materials (stone, mud, wood, etc) for several thousand years. Our entire ancestral past has dwelled in them. Yet they are now (marketed) as "Kachcha" makaan. Kachcha makaan which stood the test of time for several centuries, whereas so called "pakka" makaans need to be demolished due to weakening within half a century to make new one's again. Such is the brain washing power of the capitalist world that they are selling poison labelled as development/progress. Intelligence should let us see beyond the lies, specially when we are able to harness information which was hidden for several decades. At Re Earth, we encourage everyone to look beyond the walls made by humans to embrace the natural world. To move towards it and to stop falling prey to false advertising.

Thank you @geelimitti for allowing us to fast pace our learning towards natural living. Thank you for allowing us an atmosphere to witness and to warrant the virtues of natural living.

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