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What's hiding in your sanitary pads?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

On an average 8500 sanitary pads are discarded by woman in a single lifetime.

That's 8500 pads either incinerated or dumped in a yard away from civilizations.

Did you know, that these pads are one of the biggest health hazards to our survival?

Plastic pads need hundreds of years to breakdown, that means a pad used by a woman today would continue to be poison the land and water for generations to come.

Its high time that we break this toxic relationship with marketing fake promises of a healthy habit and change over to sustainable practises.

One such product is a cloth pad. Not only its safe and reliant to use, but its eco-friendly and doesn't posses threat to the future generations. One small change could alter the life's for better of millions and possibly billions of lifeforms that would continue to inhabit our world.

For more details and to purchase:

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