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Carry 4 things and become a Zero-waste shopper

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

It all starts with you carrying out a bag/box or any material that can be used and again reused to buy things in.

1. Carry a cloth bag when you step out of the house

Its as simple as that, coz you would never know which impulse strikes when. Having a bag ensures that you can answer those urges to buy the stuff you need.

2. Carry a variety of small bags too

Just like in the above point, there could be an urge or a sudden remembrance to buy household tiny items.

Its good to have a separate bag for each purpose. Smaller bags can help you purchase spices, condiments, eggs or any other such items which would easily fit back in your large cloth bag.

3. Don't forget Tiffin size boxes

If you are like me, then sometimes you do fall prey to either chats or some piping hot delicacies prepared fresh in front of you. Trust me, sometimes the box is all you need.

4. Carry a bottle of water

Well given all that shopping, you are certain to catch some thirst. better be prepared in advance. and if you are able to gulp all of that water down, you have a container to carry back any edible liquids that you might need.

Zero-waste living is not as difficult as it sounds, it does require some additional effort and that desire to go the extra mile to find things unpacked. But its certainly rewarding.

Now one is expected to wake up in the morning and be a Zero-waster, but its a gradual process that each and every one of us can achieve with bit of pre-planning.

If you are in search of tips to find products here in Mumbai, give us a shout out on our insta handle and we shall help out in our best capacity to help you find a store retailing unpacked produce.

Thank you for your time on this blog. Happy eco-living.

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