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  • Consists of 4 TruFit Day Pads this pack  provides you 7 layers of protection for absorption. Good for most normal flow days. Our unique 2-button wings ensures that the pad stays much better in its place.All pads are made using 100% cotton and are hand-stitched. They come with a “leak-proof” layer.

    Tru Fit Value Pack

    ₹1,600.00 Regular Price
    ₹1,520.00Sale Price
      • Good for health: These pads are made using 100% cotton. The top of the pad, which comes in contact with your skin is made of soft super-absorbent cotton fabric.Reusable cotton pads are good for your health. They do not contain any chemicals and do not use plastic as the base material.
      • Good for environment: Reusable pads do not create waste which is difficult to handle.
      • Good for your pocket: Reusable pads save money in the long term.
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