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  • Our Kwik Dry Pad has a unique design which allows for quick drying. The folded pad makes 7 layers for absorption. Good for most normal flow days. We have made it universal by providing an extra insert that can be added to the folds for heavy flow days or for nights.

    All pads are made using 100% cotton and are hand-stitched. They come with a “leak-proof” layer. 

    KwikDry Pad

    Only 5 left in stock
      • Good for health: These pads are made using 100% cotton. The top of the pad, which comes in contact with your skin is made of soft super-absorbent cotton fabric.Reusable cotton pads are good for your health. They do not contain any chemicals and do not use plastic as the base material.
      • Good for environment: Reusable pads do not create waste which is difficult to handle.
      • Good for your pocket: Reusable pads save money in the long term.
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