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  • 100% reusable cotton bag. Size 10" x 7" . Carries upto 1.5 kg. Ideal for daal, rice, sugar and any similar form of grocery items.

    The use of plastic shopping bags has been called a “modern menace,” with stray bags gathering in the streets, the ocean and landfills, where they endanger wildlife and never biodegrade. They can be recycled but usually aren’t. If it’s hard to imagine life without plastic grocery bags, consider this: plastic grocery bags were introduced at grocery stores in 1977. Generations of people over thousands of years got along just fine using their own bags to carry their purchases home — and you can, too! When it comes to plastic bags vs. reusable bags, the choice is obvious.

    Shop Local and Say No to Plastic Packaging forever!

    Fridge grocery Bag

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