Bamboo Dental floss

Bamboo Dental floss


Good oral hygiene involves more than just brushing your teeth. It also involves flossing and knowing how to floss correctly.

Dental floss from grass route takes care of your teeth and gums being  zero waste made from bamboo fiber! Flossing helps remove bacteria, plaque, and food from between your teeth, and it reduces the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.

30m of floss lasts upto 100 usages. Travel friendly. Home Compostable.

It is made from bamboo fiber coated with charcoal and mint for a fresh taste & healthy teeth. 

A clear glass bottle with a stainless steel top makes this product completely plastic-free as well!

  • How to floss your teeth

    • Break off about 18 to 24 inches of dental floss. To hold the floss correctly, wind most of the floss around both of your middle fingers. Leave only about 1 to 2 inches of floss for your teeth.
    • Next, hold the floss taut with your thumbs and index fingers.
    • Place the dental floss in between two teeth. Gently glide the floss up and down, rubbing it against both sides of each tooth. Don’t glide the floss into your gums. This can scratch or bruise your gums.
    • As the floss reaches your gums, curve the floss at the base of the tooth to form a C shape. This allows the floss to enter the space between your gums and your tooth.
    • Repeat the steps as you move from tooth to tooth. With each tooth, use a new, clean section of floss.